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感恩节英语作文:Transfer love_3000字


感恩节英语作文:Transfer love

The rescue team found her, she was dead, is down by the landslide crushed the house through a pile of rubble that the gap can see the death of her position, Shuangxiguizhe, the entire upper body forward Pu Fuzhao , Pulled out his hands to support the body, like some ancient line Guibai ceremony, but the body was deformed by the pressure, some look诡异. Rescue personnel from reaching into the ruins of the gap confirmed she had died, and in calling directed at the ruins of the Jisheng, with Qiaogun Qiaoliaojixia in the bricks on the inside without any response. When people come under a building when the rescue team leader suddenly ran back, while running variable crying "over fast." He also came to her body, demanding the woman's body handle Shenjin under explored, he touched the few loudly shouted "Some people, children, is still alive." After some efforts, people carefully to clean up the ruins of Dangzhao she opened in her body lying below her child, wrapped in red with a yellow flower was a small yard, about three or four months because the mother body The asylum, he Haofa not injured, hold out, he also quiet sleep, he slept in the face of all the people at the scene was very warm. Accompanied by doctors from untied quilts ready to do inspections, found a cell phone Cypriots in the yard, the doctor saw the unconscious under the screen, found on the screen is an already-written message "Dear Baby, if you can live, We must remember that I love you "to see the doctor Shenglisibie used to have shed tears at this moment, a cell phone transmission, each message to see the tears of the people.

This pain of lost loved ones, who can bear to, but we need to face: a sad and subdued both eyes, one out of both hands…… not to forget yesterday's shadow, the dark yesterday, yesterday Panic, to forget yesterday's Beiqi yesterday, the pain and mental trauma, the Federation of the shadow of the sun lit up, dawn darkness engulfed the Association, the Federation of peace reunion forget the horror of the Federation of Beiqi eliminated, the Federation of Health to disperse the pain Many of the Federation of love you heal the wounds of the soul.

Baiyun Duo Duo, Duo Duo disappeared Jiao-yan of flowers, memorial sound, the sound lost loved ones and laughing, crying again, to disperse the spring breeze of the past again, tears Yingying, a haggard Shared love Yingying.

The deceased have been passing away, the Health and continue to protest, this was the world, we take too hastily, in the name of life, calls for life to the oneworld affectionate, cherishing life…


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